Monday, October 27, 2008

My overwhelming project

I haven't been posting on here at all, feeling that I didn't have time. I have now decided to post something every day, even if it is only one sentence.

I am exhausted today. I am in the middle of two smallish renovations, that have caused me to store things in a tent in the back yard. On Saturday we had heavy rain and the tent collapsed. I was out in the tent yesterday, ankle deep in freezing water (in my flip flops since I have no boots) moving bins and doing what I could to prevent further damage to the tent. I went to bed early, then woke at 2 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep, so I stayed up until 6:30 a.m. doing some work in the basement so that the new freezer will fit. It is being delivered on November 4, and I have until then to finish clearing out the storage room it will be going into; putting up one panel of gyproc; plastering and painting the wall; and putting down a ceramic floor. In the same time span I am in the middle of creating a pantry from a storage closet upstairs, that needs sanding (the plastering is done) and painting; a new floor laid; painting and the shelves put up. Ideally the pantry needs to be finished before the storage room so that some of the things in the basement can go in the pantry to make room for storage room items to go on the shelves now occupied by food.

You would probably have to see how crowded my basement is to appreciate the amount of work involved, but besides being exhaused I am feeling overwhelmed by it all at the moment. Just to make the whole thing more challenging, my husband (Richard) goes in for knee surgery in two days. I need him to disconect and move a heater downstairs before I can put in the gyproc, then I am on my own for the rest of the project while he is on crutches.

I have been on a parent committee at my daugther's cadet squadron, but am giving that up after realizing I just don't have the time to help out and accomplish what I need to at home, and my family/home responsibilities have to come first.

Not as short a post as I had intended, but it didnt' take too long to do. I will have a sentence or two to add tomorrow. Probably an update on my progress.

Peace and calm to all reading this, and may your projects be small and managable.

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