Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This is my first post ever on my blog. Isabelle (on the left in the picture) has a blog that I have complimented, and she talked me into having my own blog and helped me set it up. I am going to try to post a photo, and hopefully some words to go with it, every day. Time will tell if I succeed with either!

I want this blog to be a celebration of what we do; how we live and how we learn. I will be the primary writer and photographer, but Isabelle will sometimes (often) add comments.

Isabelle: Hi! My mom and I were looking at another blog shared by an unschooling mother and teen and I thought, hey, mom should have her own blog, and maybe I can contribute too! So here it is. I will always write in purple to make things easier, and hopefully both my mom and myself (especially mom, since this is her primary blog and I'm just randomly adding comments) can enjoy this! If you want to see my primary blogs, check out www.yes-i-can-write.blogspot.com and www.art-is-expressions.blogspot.com. Happy reading!

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